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Founded in 1969 J.W. Histed Diamonds Ltd. is a wholesale dealer in loose diamonds located in Vancouver , B.C., Canada . We are a supplier of loose diamonds to the jewellery trade in Canada coast to coast. We sell diamonds to retail jewellery stores, designers, manufactures, and other wholesalers.

We supply round diamonds, fancy cut diamonds, and fancy colour diamonds. We supply from small full cuts and single cuts to large 3ct. + Certificate diamonds. Our strength in the Canadian diamond market is in small round full cut diamonds and small fancy shape diamonds. In round full cut diamonds we pride ourselves in our fine make/cut, consistent assortments, true grading, and competitive pricing. In small fancy shape diamonds we carry a full range of shapes like straight baguettes, taper baguettes, marquise, pear, princess, oval, trillian, heart, square step, emerald, radiant, and hard to find grooved princess cuts for "invisible setting".

We are a family run company that is very efficient, and flexible to supply all your diamond needs. We do this by holding a large inventory of diamonds at all times and having established buyers and offices in all the major diamond cutting centres of the world.

Our family and staff are friendly, reliable, and trustworthy to be able to give our customers dependable service. Our unbeatable service is the same as that of one of our other company J.W. Findings & Stones Ltd. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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J.W. Histed Diamonds Ltd.
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